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The Voice Australia
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26.02.2024 Mon +444,485 $ 166 - $ 1K
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14.02.2024 Wed +904,761 $ 339 - $ 2.04K
10.02.2024 Sat +1,199,661 $ 449 - $ 2.7K
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27.01.2024 Sat +1,319,726 $ 494 - $ 2.97K
22.01.2024 Mon +2,112,848 $ 792 - $ 4.75K
14.01.2024 Sun +3,296,389 $ 1.24K - $ 7.42K
01.01.2024 Mon +1,211,976 $ 454 - $ 2.73K
27.12.2023 Wed +964,623 $ 361 - $ 2.17K
23.12.2023 Sat +1,550,302 $ 581 - $ 3.49K
18.12.2023 Mon +950,272 $ 356 - $ 2.14K
13.12.2023 Wed +946,994 $ 355 - $ 2.13K

The Voice Australia biography

The Voice Australia is a singing competition that airs on the Nine Network. The show is part of The Voice franchise and features a panel of celebrity coaches who guide contestants through the competition to find the next great singing talent. The format of the show has been successful in multiple countries, including the United States, the United Kingdom, and the Netherlands. The Voice Australia has been praised for its unique coaching system, which sees coaches sitting with their backs to contestants during the blind auditions. This means they judge purely on vocal ability rather than appearance or previous experience. The show has produced many successful artists over the years, including Karise Eden, Harrison Craig, and Judah Kelly. The Voice Australia has also been popular with audiences, consistently ranking as one of the highest-rated non-sporting programs in the country.

The Voice Australia controversies

Like many reality shows, The Voice Australia has not been without controversy. One of the most well-known controversies came during the 2019 season, when it was alleged that the show had leaked the winner before the finale had aired. This led to outrage among fans and calls for an investigation. The Nine Network denied the claims and said that any leaks were the result of speculation and social media rumors. Another controversy came during the 2020 season, when it was revealed that producers had edited footage to make it appear as though a contestant had received more coaching than they actually had. The contestant in question spoke out about the editing, saying that it was misleading and had harmed her chances in the competition. The Nine Network later apologized and vowed to be more transparent in their editing process going forward.

The Voice Australia famous quotes

"I’m going to be doing a lot of 'YES!'."
"You’re a musician. You’re a performer. And you’ve got a look. Boom."
"I want you to be a fighter. I want you to take this opportunity."
"We all know you have the voice of an angel, but the star quality is the one thing that I’m not sure you have."
"Don’t think, just do it."
"I can’t contain myself, I’m jumping for joy!"
"It’s all in the storytelling."
"Ah, I’m lost in your voice."
"That was the moment I turned around and said, 'Yep, that's The Voice.'"
"This is the reason why I’m in this chair. It’s for people like you. That was world-class."