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ABC News (Australia) Abc News (Australia)
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ABC News (Australia)
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26.02.2024 Mon +2,218,094 $ 831 - $ 4.99K
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22.01.2024 Mon +2,231,247 $ 836 - $ 5.02K
13.01.2024 Sat +4,444,336 $ 1.67K - $ 10K
31.12.2023 Sun +1,250,872 $ 469 - $ 2.81K
26.12.2023 Tue +938,115 $ 351 - $ 2.11K
22.12.2023 Fri +1,955,395 $ 733 - $ 4.4K
17.12.2023 Sun +1,616,127 $ 606 - $ 3.64K
12.12.2023 Tue +1,359,700 $ 509 - $ 3.06K

ABC News (Australia) biography

ABC News is the news division of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC). It is responsible for producing news and current affairs programs for ABC television, radio, and online platforms. The division is headquartered in Ultimo, Sydney and has bureaus in every state and territory of Australia. The channel was established in 1956 and has since become one of the most trusted news sources in Australia, known for its impartial and in-depth coverage of national and international events. ABC News produces an array of news programs, including flagship programs such as 7.00 News, The World, and News Breakfast. It also produces investigative journalism programs such as Four Corners, and documentary series such as Australian Story. The channel also provides live coverage of major events such as federal elections, sports events and breaking news.

ABC News (Australia) controversies

ABC News has been at the center of a number of controversies over the years. In 2018, the channel faced criticism after a controversial story on alleged war crimes by Australian special forces in Afghanistan. The Australian Federal Police raided the ABC's Sydney offices in June 2019, seizing documents and digital files relating to the story. The raid was widely criticized as an attack on press freedom. ABC News has also been accused of political bias, particularly by conservative politicians and their supporters. The channel has been accused of promoting a left-wing agenda and being critical of the Australian government and conservative policies. In 2020, ABC News faced accusations of racism after an opinion piece by a guest contributor included a racial slur. The channel apologized and removed the article from its website.

ABC News (Australia) famous quotes

“You can’t say ABC without Aunty” - Paul Kelly
“We’re everywhere, just like fungi” - Leigh Sales
“If you want to change things, you have to get in the room” - Virginia Trioli
“The camera never lies, but the editor can make you look like a dill” - Kerry O'Brien
“It is a fact that media changes lives, that it sets the agenda and that it has the power to influence public behaviour” - Ita Buttrose
“We’ve all got to be better at listening” - Sabra Lane
“It’s the hardest thing in the world to do proper analysis on television” - Barrie Cassidy
“Everyone has a story, you just need to find the right way to tell it” - Sarah Ferguson
“Journalism is a profession without limits” - Phillip Williams
“In many ways, we’re a mirror of the society we come from” - Stan Grant